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"And the queen gave birth to a child who was called Asterion."

"My Name Is Asterion" is a horror adventure game set on the dark corners of the Minotaur's labyrinth.
On this game you play as Asterion, the Minotaur himself, and as Asterion your goal is to free the men thrown into the labyrinth as sacrifices. You never demanded them, and their deaths cannot be on your account. Not anymore.
However even with your bestial strength, you have no power against the shadow that curses those damned walls.

Game Features:
- Story rich adventure. Experience the other side of the Minotaur's myth.
- Procedurally generated labyrinth. No one will be lost at the same places as you.
- No minimap. Use the environment and its sounds to find your ways through the maze.
- No gore, but the uncanny and the unknown.

We are currently on development, but if you are interested on the game, we would love to stay connected with you.
We'll be constantly updating our indiedb and you can also connect with us on:


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